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The employer must take all possible action to ensure the safety and well-being of his staff and visitors. He must carry out risk assessments as well as appoint competent people to plan, prevent accidents, and review the health and safety matters of a business. He must provide a safe environment and keep reviewing the workplace to ensure that no new risks arise.

Employers who employ more than 5 people must have written statements of health and safety policy including statements of intent, organisation and arrangements. The responsibility is not limited to the employer, as the employee must also ensure that they do not put themselves at excess risk. They must also follow the workplace policies and not interfere with any safety measures or equipment. This applies also to the self-employed.

It is important that employers and employees take part in decisions to ensure that all the views are taken into account. Owners of buildings also have to take the appropriate action to ensure that visitors are kept safe. These regulations are enforced by the HSE. We will cover more about enforcement later in this course.