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Having a well-designed office can reduce lots of problems. These can include stress, tiredness, and also muscular problems. By sitting at a desk at the wrong angle, this can give you a backache, leg ache, or wrist problems. In your individual office, you will have proper training on how to sit down properly and have the right equipment. These can include having the correct chair, and the correct layout. We are going to have a look at some of the basics now.

When you are at your workstation, the first thing is the chair you are sitting on. The chair should be adjustable. So you have got back adjustments and also height adjustments. Your chair should be on five feet. Often chairs will have rollers to make sure you get the ideal position. You should adjust the height of your chair so that your eye level is in line with the top of your VDU screen. If you are short, you may well also have footrests or maybe something to put your feet on just to make sure your legs are in the optimum position. When you are using your computer, your elbow should be roughly at 90 degrees, and also your eyes should be around about 35 to 70 centimetres from the screen.

When you are working on the screen, it is best to have a rest for your hands to avoid twisting your wrist too much which can cause pain. Similarly, with a mouse, you can have another pad here which is a gel-filled sac, and you would rest your wrist on it. So, when you are using the mouse, again, your wrist is kept in the ideal position.

Everyone will need a different sized chair, different equipment. So, you need to have a look at exactly what is right for you. Your managers at work will make sure that you have exactly the right equipment for the computer system you are working with. When you are sitting at your desk, you need to make sure you do not lift too much. Seated at a desk, you might think that manual handling isn't really a problem, but you can put a lot of strain onto your back, and other parts of your body by just reaching across from your chair at a distance, lifting a file off and bringing it across to you.

What is happening here is you are stretching across on a chair that moves, you are putting a lot of weight down your back and also stretching it out. Now, these files can weigh a lot. It can go well over the recommendations for lifting. So, if you do have to lift a file or move something, then either completely move across and lift it correctly and bring it back to your desk. Having little shortcuts, and trying to just break the rules and stretching to get a file from a shelf, these are the sorts of ways that people can get hurt even just sitting in a desk environment.